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Internet usurping other media in Australia

The ability to stream and download videos, podcasts, music, television shows and up-to-the-minute news reports has contributed to the decline in traditional media formats, the telecom regulator has found

Toyota cuts call costs with VOIP in Australia

Toyota Material Handling (TMH) has cut telco costs by replacing a 10-year-old PABX system with VOIP and leveraging its existing WAN.

Shark Tank

Unsafe assumptionsNew retail manager calls pilot fish to complain that the cash register software at his store is constantly crashing. What were you doing...


My Internet connection has been down for the past five days. What

MyWireless for mother city

Capetonians will be able to discover the convenience of wireless broadband Internet access when Sentech Pty. Ltd. launches its MyWireless service in Cape Town on May 27. Similar services have already gone live in Johannesburg, Midrand, Pretoria and Durban.

Use VPNs for security and transparency

U.S. president Bush speaks about the need for financial transparency: the ability to figure out what's going on inside a business. But the only way this will happen is for top executives to create and use IT infrastructure to get vital data when it's needed, rather than after regulators and investors have been duped.

Study: ADSL, cable to lead Euro broadband techs

A new study into Internet access in Europe predicts that ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) and cable will become the leading broadband technologies as high-speed Internet connections become the norm, the European Commission said Tuesday.

Internet use jumps 15 per cent

More people are joining the Internet crowd and now nearly one in four Netizens has a high-speed connection, according to new survey data released recently by Dataquest Inc., a division of Gartner Inc.

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