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Proposed Australian Internet filtering law causing an uproar

No one will know what the government is censoring under its proposed mandatory Internet content filtering law, say critics. An opposition senator also says a government claim that its scheme is similar to one in Canada and other countries isn't true

Internet usurping other media in Australia

The ability to stream and download videos, podcasts, music, television shows and up-to-the-minute news reports has contributed to the decline in traditional media formats, the telecom regulator has found

Economic crisis will boost open source adoption

While predictions of a recession could mean a cut down in new projects, the financial meltdown appears to be encouraging proprietary customers to switch to open source software, according to Red Hat chief Jim Whitehurst

Australian IT salaries on the rise

Survey for the 12 months ending in May is good news for even those looking for entry level positions. An industry leader predicts salaries in the sector will grow despite international financial upheaval, but warns a lack of vision may be damaging

Asia-Pacific world’s hottest telco market

The Asia Pacific telecommunications market will reach US$513.1 billion this year, while the North American market is projected to reach $511.6 billion, says Gartner

Australian government urged to adopt Web 2.0

Australia is stalling innovation, says chair of National Innovation System Review.

Compliance heads list of concerns

According to an ISACA survey, regulatory compliance tops the list of current business issues impacting IT managers.

Australia’s 20-year-old privacy laws need a re-write

ALRC recommends 295 changes to Australian privacy laws and practices in a 2700-page report that addresses IT today.

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