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Australian carrier to kill CDMA April 28

After months of complaints that its 'Next G' network wasn't as good as the old one, the telco has the go-ahead to shut the last vestiges of the old system at the end of the month

Six botnets generate 85 percent of spam: Vendor

Six botnets were responsible for 85 percent of all spam in February, the first time so few botnets have been responsible for so much spam, according to a British security product manufacturer.

Online scams cost Aussies over $600 million

A consumer alert program called Fraud Fortnight started last week here amid initial findings that Australians have dished out more than AU$700 million (CDN$643million) falling for online scams

New Australian cable expected to lower broadband cost

An undersea cable system linking Australia to Guam has been approved, which an industry analyst says will bring more competition for broadband

Symantec forecasts holiday spike in IM threats

Watch out for so-called free 'licence' agreements that require you to watch a video on a social networking site and a substantial increase in spam, according to the vendor

Australian camp focuses on aboriginal youth

Aussie students will collaborate with a Calgary camp in IBM's technology career outreach project

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