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Tech companies embrace Earth Day

Earth Day evokes an image of blue skies, clear water, and a healthy environment for many of us, but for several technology companies it's also a chance to point out their responsiveness to conservationist concerns.

Internet use jumps 15 per cent

More people are joining the Internet crowd and now nearly one in four Netizens has a high-speed connection, according to new survey data released recently by Dataquest Inc., a division of Gartner Inc.

Growth in Internet use slows

Despite the decline of the dot-com industry, the popularity of the Internet continues to grow. Nearly six of every ten U.S. homes are now online, according to new figures released by Nielsen/NetRatings.

Adults dominate the Internet, says Media Metrix

More adults are going online more often than teens, even during summer vacation, when kids have a lot more free time to surf the Net.

Does your PC harbor zombies waiting to attack?

Like Darth Vader's storm troopers in Star Wars, PC users with cable modem hookups are being drafted as Internet zombies for hack attacks on commercial Web sites.

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