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Opinion: SMS a killer app at 20; irrelevant at 25?

SMS has been a financial windfall for wireless carriers, but it's about to end thanks to competition from services like WhatsApp. But the customer may lose

Google-Verizon: Will a parallel non-Internet help?

The policy on net neutrality raises more questions than it answers and a lot of bloggers reacted as if Verizon Communications Inc. and Google Inc. have full authority to define rules

Danger Inc.: living up to its name

The loss by a Microsoft subsidiary of information from T-Mobile users shows how secure and reliable some cloud services are

Environmental control systems lack strong security

A task force is attempting to make building control systems more secure. An observer says its a start, but specific standards are needed


At the most benign it will mean more pop-up ads for the Starbucks a block away from where you are. We will only find out about the other extreme over time

Broadband stimulus: throwing money at wrong target?

The OECD ranks the U.S. as 15th in broadband adoption, but Pew Research surveys paint a different picture. Why the current stimulus bill won

US export controls a self-destructive strategy

A National Research Council panel has published a report calling on the Obama administration to change the rules restricting export of encryption technology. Many of these technologies are already available, so the current policy only harms American companies trying to sell technology overseas

Bashing Google: For fun or for profit?

A study on the cost of using Google misses one major point, according to a Harvard U

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