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Aussie computer recycling plant save 20,000 tons of e-waste

The country's first automated recycling facility will make shipping electronic scrap overseas safer

Cloud computing will see devs soar to new heights

Australian experts believe software developers will rake in cash writing applications for cloud computing

Mobile betting a sure winner for online bookie

The Australian arm of the world's largest Internet betting exchange took the rush to bet on the nation's biggest horse race in its stride

SOA the logical choice for logistics giant

Company had 90 days to change all business processes and technology infrastructure after it was acquired. Rather than use templates like other divisions, the Australia office decided on a different solution

Australia plans to filter all Internet content

Citizens will be unable to opt-out of the government's pending Internet content filtering scheme, which provides two blacklists for users to choose from.

Kaspersky hunts for hackers down under

IT security software firm opened its first Australian lab this week to work with law enforcement agencies, customers and resellers

Sydney Water rips up IT to make business intelligent

An ailing data collection system was giving managers of the utility conflicting information. Now a multi-million dollar business intelligence system has integrated applications, standardized data and saved money

Aussie telcos hit with record complaints

More than 102,000 people protested about service last year, and this year even more are expected to complain. Ironically, most of the break downs between providers and their customers involve lack of communications

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