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Unified security in central Melbourne

Frustrated with an old solution that was cumbersome, an Australian city shifted to unified threat management devices to improve security for remote users of its network

Australian network bidders agree on fibre monopoly

The country's new high-speed network should run like a utility, say providers and industry analysts

Virtualization leader is Down Under

Australian businesses are using the technology at twice the rate of the rest of the world, say some experts, because it saves money and energy.

Australian ISPs squabble over cheap DSL access: Telstra

Australia's competition commission has ruled Telstra must explain why it's denying competitors access to exchanges. But the telco says any delays aren't deliberate

Australian state government revives Tcard project

Early in 2008, the state of New South Wales cancelled an expensive transit smartcard project. Now it is calling for expressions of interest from the private sector to see if can still go ahead. Meanwhile the government and the original vendor are suing each other

Australian state caves to computers for schools

This week is the deadline for states to sign up for the Australia federal government's controversial computers for school plan. As the deadline approached one state inked a deal, but there are doubts the full costs will be covered

Australian health agency moves from legacy to leader

IT inefficiencies have plagued a huge health authority in Victoria. But a four-year, A$360 million modernization to be completed in 2010 will overhaul almost everything

Industry will deploy Access Card, says Australian government

Deployment of a national access card will be a job for private industry, not government, according to the federal Human Services Minister, Joe Ludwig. The government launched scathing criticism at the Howard government's plans for a national identity card, but has remained open at the philosophy behind the initiative.n

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