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What you need to know to become a data-driven organization

A recent Forrester study found that although three-quarters of companies want to be data-driven, only 29 per cent actually achieve it. Data-driven companies are those...

The Total Economic ImpactTM Of IBM Security Guardium

Data security is a growing concern for companies and customers alike. As the complexity of regulations and compliance issues and threat of internal and...

NSA metadata gathering flawed: Court report

The United States National Security Agency’s metadata gathering program was repeatedly misused and collected data were accessed by unauthorized persons, according to reports from...

Forrester: Poor database archiving is compliance risk

Businesses could pay the price for a "store and forget" attitude around data management, said Forrester

Sybase sues database start-up in east Texas court

Database and business intelligence software vendor Sybase alleges database maker Vertica Systems infringed on its patents in the areas of column-oriented databases. It remains mum on its choice of a Texas court

Data warehouse 2.0

Though they sit at the core of data warehouses everywhere, analytic databases have been treated as mere plumbing rather than as differentiating platform components

IT jobs shuffled by storage revolution

The growing flood of data that enterprises create and consume is doing more than giving rise to new storage technologies. It's also changing who is responsible for storage within IT departments.

Access policies can unlock database value

Don't let your data warehouse turn into an IT security nightmare, warns CIO Government Review columnist Richard Bray. Bray explores the security challenges involved in managing continuously increasing volumes of data, while looking at how organizations can get the most value out of their data jewels.

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