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Twitter switches from MySQL to ‘NoSQL’ database

The company, which has seen daily tweets grow more than twenty-fold in the last year, hopes open source technology that is the Cassandra database can further boost Twitter

Aster makes three key changes to data warehouse

Gartner thinks Aster has yet to prove it can walk the walk. But with Version 4.5 of nCluster, the five-year-old startup hopes to alleviate those concerns

Data warehousing vendors bicker over flash memory

Speed is the new buzzword in town for data warehousing vendors as flash memory storage is used to get around the long-time bottleneck of reading and writing to disk. But Oracle, IBM and others are taking different approaches

War of the Databases: IBM, Oracle


New Microsoft Office price list: Winners and losers

More than a price hike, Microsoft looks to better compete with IBM Notes, Google Apps. Find out why cash-strapped enterprises won't be happy

CES: Ballmer shows off Windows 7 slate PCs

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled on an HP touch screen tablet that will run Windows 7 at this year's CES in Las Vegas. The HP tablet, which will ship later this year, is not the Courier tablet that many pundits were also expecting to see

Big three database vendors disagree on Hadoop

Why Microsoft, Oracle and IBM take three different paths on dealing with the open-source data architecture

Graphical coding is like

A panel of Microsoft distinguished engineers offers revealing and humorous views on the state of programming

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