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Primus creates BlackIron brand for cloud business

New division will be the umbrella for data centre, public and private cloud products to medium- and enterprise-sized companies as well as governments

Cloud Foundry is like Linux for the cloud: VMware

The company claims the focus is on letting developers write code, not manage middleware

Canadian CIOs: How to position the cloud for success

VIDEO The business case for cloud computing is one thing. What do you need to do before the real work begins? The second clip in our debate goes over the most critical considerations

What ‘consumerization of IT’ really means to CIOs

It isn't about employees using consumer devices; it's about consumers becoming the primary users of internal IT applications. Dealing with this challenge will be significantly more difficult than creating a BYOD policy

IT jobs: Winners and losers in the cloud era

We survey the cloud's effects on nine classes of IT jobs: Architects and sys admins win, middle managers and tech specialists lose -- what about you?

How Apple’s iCloud compares to Google’s cloud

Apple has characteristically taken a common concept and taken pains to deliver features in as effortless and seamless way as possible. The result is a service that offers a striking contrast to Google's approach

Cloud CIO: How IT can become like a service provider

While there's no question cloud computing represents a big change in infrastructure, that approach overlooks the fact that cloud computing is comprised of an agile infrastructure married to automated operation

Why you don’t need a cloud computing strategy

The CMO of offers five key things to think about when identifying areas for cloud adoption and driving a successful plan

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