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IT jobs: Winners and losers in the cloud era

We survey the cloud's effects on nine classes of IT jobs: Architects and sys admins win, middle managers and tech specialists lose -- what about you?

Need to get off of that cloud? A virtual moving van

Many in the industry have likened IT's fears about this moving problem to the famous song about Hotel California: You can check in, but you can never leavernrn

From green screen apps to the cloud: A CIO’s challenge

Crescent Healthcare's IT leader explains how the organization made a service that is inherently slow and inefficient more effective by cutting through the latency in every process except direct, hands-on patient care

Virtualization shines in cautious IT hiring picture

A survey of 110 IT managers at large companies by Wall Street analysts Wedbush Securities showed projects involving virtualization, Windows 7 and enterprise software were all high on corporate priority lists

Is VMware’s 50 % discount offer a real deal?

VMware guarantees 50 per cent discount on server hardware on new projects, provided the customer hires VMware's Professional Services business unit and follows a prescribed set of best practices

5 sizzling virtualization skills

Recruiters acknowledge that amid layoffs and slashed IT budgets. skill areas designated hot may only be less cold than others. Skills in virtualization have overcome that faint praise, however, and become genuinely hot.

Think you’ve got virtualization all figured out? Think again

Data formats, database structures, data restrictions, incompatible applications and quilts of middleware are the real IT infrastructure of any company. All the rest -- no matter how incomparably more cool -- are just access mechanisms

E-business revolution replaced with evolution

For the past few weeks, I've been searching for an image, a nuance, a breakthrough, anything that would give me an indication of what the next generation of e-business is really going to look like.

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