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CIOs don’t need to be business leaders

A CIO with even average technical skills will be not only inadequate for his or her job, he or she will represent a danger to the overall health of the company

The threat cloud providers pose to corporate IT

If AOL can get a server up in eight seconds, and the IT organization takes two weeks, it's going to be seen as hopelessly ineffective-and ripe for a complete teardown.rn

What ‘consumerization of IT’ really means to CIOs

It isn't about employees using consumer devices; it's about consumers becoming the primary users of internal IT applications. Dealing with this challenge will be significantly more difficult than creating a BYOD policy

Cloud CIO: How IT can become like a service provider

While there's no question cloud computing represents a big change in infrastructure, that approach overlooks the fact that cloud computing is comprised of an agile infrastructure married to automated operation

Cloud CIO: 3 private cloud use case scenarios

In talking to a number of informed people, it's clear that private cloud implementations are moving forward in many organizations, with RFPs to vendors out with an aim of contract award in 2011 and implementation in 2012

CloudConnect de-brief: Real-life cloud computing lessons

Attention regarding cloud computing is rapidly moving toward the pragmatics of using it and away from the theories of studying it rn

U.S. government’s cloud plans are a $20B shift

U.S. government's chief information officer, Vivek Kundra, has plans to implement a government cloud strategy

Cloud computing: wasting resources, redefined

The notion that one should treat computing resources as cheap commodities assumed to be unreliable goes against the time-honored axioms of IT. Time for some second thoughts

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