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Leveraging ERP and AI to Anticipate and Respond to Consumer Behaviour

As companies aim to stay ahead of the curve with new trends and innovations, the tides are turning, and consumer influence is compelling them...

Your ERP System Is Leaking

Your payroll system could be leaking, losing data and dollars by the minute, and it’s very possible you don’t even know it. If payroll were...

How IoT will dramatically impact Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

By Ted Rohm, Senior ERP Analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have always been limited because they mainly look at the...

Webinar: “NAV CANADA gets its digital game off the ground”

The cruising speed of a commercial airliner is about 900 kilometers an hour. Due to heavy safety regulations, however, the aviation industry itself advances...

Why Canadian CIOs need to invest in digital

Gartner's 2018 CIO survey shows that Canadians are behind their counterparts in terms of innovation spending.

Six challenges of agile at scale for ERP

The successes of the agile approach in managing smaller projects make it natural to want to apply it to a large implementation project, but a number of unexpected challenges will be encountered along the way.

Warning:  Canadian organizations need more urgency on digital transformation

The vast majority of Canadian organizations have yet to cross the digital divide, according to an analyst from IDC Canada. Eighty per cent of...

Cloud-based ERP levels the playing field for retailers

At an event in Toronto, NetSuite and customers talk about how small companies can use cloud-based ERP to keep up with bigger competitors

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