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CIOCAN is a not-for-profit community of CIOs and IT leaders whose mission is to facilitate networking, sharing of best practices and executive development, and to collaborate on issues facing CIOs/IT Executives.

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CIOCAN announces 2020 Impact Award winners

The CIO Association of Canada (CIOCAN) is pleased to announce the winners of our 2020 Impact Awards. New this year, the awards shine a light...

What technologies are NOT good at

Over the past decade, powerful Big Data storage and retrieval technologies have emerged that give us added power to harvest the information cornucopia surrounding...

Breaking through the digital deadlock

In recent years, enterprise leaders have sought to disrupt their markets and competitors through digital transformation (DX) enabled by cloud, mobile, social, and big...

Never a better time to be a great CIO

“There’s never been a better time to be a great CIO or a worse time to be an average one.”

Six challenges of agile at scale for ERP

The successes of the agile approach in managing smaller projects make it natural to want to apply it to a large implementation project, but a number of unexpected challenges will be encountered along the way.

The true meaning of leadership

"The true meaning of leadership" “I would say to the House, As I said to those who have joined the government: I have nothing to...

Cyber security’s ‘sophisticated attacker’ unmasked

Don't give too much credit to 'sophisticated' hackers that are simply sending emails and using known vulnerabilities as the basis for the majority of their attacks.

What is cyber security certification worth?

There have been a lot of interesting reactions to the Equifax data breach. One of the most interesting for me is the criticism of...

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