YouTube has come under criticism for failing to put an end to Elon Musk’s fake Bitcoin videos that defrauded users of the platform.

For several months, cyber criminals have continued to use the streams to trick thousands of people into sending cryptocurrencies in exchange for a prize from Elon Musk.

To make the scam more trustworthy, the criminals change the name and image of dozens of YouTube channels every few days to make them look like official Tesla channels.

In response to the fake videos, Elon Musk accused YouTube of not doing enough to end the debacle. Chilean urban-music artist Aisack, whose YouTube channel was hacked to spread the scam videos, said YouTube was not doing enough on security issues to prevent hacker attacks.

“The hacking of my channel has hurt me a lot, since I am a few days away from releasing a new music video, and now I am creating a second channel as a back-up and re-uploading more than 10 years of work on YouTube. YouTube is not doing enough on security issues to prevent hacker attacks, since many users are in the same situation as me,” Aisack said.