Articles Related to Cybercrime

Your organization’s security revolves around one thing: your people

Data and IT systems security are often viewed as the responsibility of the CIO. In truth, data security is the domain of everybody in the organization. Not focusing on the human side of security can put everything at risk.

Microsoft 365 Credentials Targeted In Phony Voicemail Campaign

A new phishing campaign targeting the U.S. military, security software, manufacturing supply chain, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors has been stealing Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook credentials.

YouTube Criticized For Failing To Address Elon Musk’s Bitcoin Scam Videos

YouTube has come under criticism for failing to put an end to Elon Musk’s fake Bitcoin videos that defrauded users of the platform.

Ransomware: strategies to reduce the risk of data loss and downtime

Ransomware continues to be lucrative for criminals in 2022, with attacks growing in sophistication, and targeting both businesses and individuals. A multi-faceted safety and recovery approach can reduce the risk of data loss and downtime.

UN begins three-year effort to create cybercrime treaty

Amid tensions with Russia efforts begin at negotiating an international treaty on cybercrime. Read what's at stake and why one expert is sceptical of success

CRTC action leads to closing of dark web marketplace selling goods and services to cyber criminals

A dark web marketplace that specialized in Canadian targets has been shut down following action by this country's telecom regulator, which also announced penalties...

Nigerian police arrest suspects in global business email compromise gang

Interpol says 50,000 targets may have been in the sights of the gang

Hybrid work creates tension for IT and employees

As many major firms based in Canada are committing to long-term hybrid work models or entirely remote workforces, flex work models are growing - which means that means security challenges are as well.

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