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MapleSEC, Myth and More: This Week In Ransomware – Oct 23rd, 2022

This week featured a number of large-scale attacks, one of which shut down a German newspaper chain’s print edition and forced them to drop...

Fighting the cyber war: how secure is your enterprise?

Most Canadian companies that are victims of cyber incidents lack even basic recommended security measures. Fortunately, there are achievable steps to take that greatly improve an organization’s cyber security posture.

YouTube Criticized For Failing To Address Elon Musk’s Bitcoin Scam Videos

YouTube has come under criticism for failing to put an end to Elon Musk’s fake Bitcoin videos that defrauded users of the platform.

5 common misconceptions about security in startups

Exploring five of the most common misconceptions about security, along with a reality check to reset your company’s security mindset

TV affects perceptions about IT

The public thinks IT people break the rules. TV, movies, and other media, and the stereotype of the white hat hacker is affecting how they see people with computer skills: ignoring privacy rules and digging up all the data that other computer people hoard in hidden databases, without seeing any consequences. This is not a perception that we want to encourage.

How AI and ML are transforming cybersecurity at the Royal Bank of Canada

The escalating global threat of cyberattacks is forcing companies to explore new defences because their existing software and staff cannot keep up.

IoT devices are the new Trojan horses. Here’s how to secure them

Right now, your vacuum could be checking out your home or office for would-be thieves. Many robot vacuums are IoT devices that can be...

Massive telecommunication data breach linked to Chinese hackers, says Israeli security firm

Chinese hacker stole sensitive personal information from telecommunication companies.

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