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Predictions on 2024 developments in OpenAI: Best of YouTube

I watch far too much YouTube for my own good. You have to sift through numerous ill-informed and overly sensationalistic titles and articles to...

Bell seeks interim relief from Bill C-11, says traditional broadcasters are suffering

Bell has asked the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to create a news fund that would subsidize broadcasters, and which will force foreign...

Hashtag Trending Nov.17-YouTube previews AI tool to clone famous singers; Samsung admits to year-long breach; AI system wrongly rejects patients’ health claims

YouTube cracks down on AI-generated deepfakes, then previews an AI tool that clones famous singers, Samsung admits to year-long data breach, X is accused...

YouTube will required disclosure of AI Content

YouTube is set to implement new policy changes next year, requiring creators to disclose the use of generative AI in videos, especially for content depicting sensitive topics such as politics and health issues.

Hashtag Trending Nov.15-Wikipedia co-founder thinks ChatGPT is “actually pretty bad”; AI outperforms weather forecasters; TikTok, X struggling with content moderation amid Israel-Hamas conflict?

Wikipedia’s co-founder assails ChatGPT and competitors, Google’s new weather forecasting model is apparently 90 per cent better than traditional systems, and TikTok and Twitter...

YouTube ad blocker crackdown causes users to seek alternatives

YouTube’s recent crackdown on ad blockers is having the opposite of its intended effect.

YouTube cracks down on ad blockers

YouTube is taking a stand against the use of ad blockers to circumvent advertising content on its platform.

YouTube test crackdown on ad blockers

YouTube is testing a new policy that would prohibit the use of ad blockers on the platform.

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