Internet of Things
Image from (C) Sakonboon Sansri

Watch out Apple, Google, Microsoft and Red Hat, Canonical Ltd. is gunning for the x86 and x64 client and servers market as well as the cloud, and mobile spaces.

Canonical recently announced compatibility of its Ubuntu internal and external hosted clouds with OpenStack application programming interfaces(APIs).

Ubuntu’s Unity graphical user interface (GUI) is also headed for smart phones and tablets.

Server versions of Ubuntu 13.10 are also aimed at enterprise organizations seeking to scale out or scale up.

Ubuntu server editions are still “Debian with Canonical clothing”, according to online technology publication but compatibility development on the 13.10 for OpenStack and Amazon Web Services EC2 enables it to “rock rapid rollout and play anywhere, with every hypervisor.”

IT organizations with a Ubuntu focus should pay attention to the latest Ubuntu release as it’s a sign of things to come.

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