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UPDATE: Microsoft resolves outage

Microsoft is slowly recovering after a major outage that began late last night. Microsoft's status page said at the time, "we've identified a...

Microsoft details threat actors techniques for deploying ransomware

Last year, over 100 threat actors carried out ransomware attacks, and the number of active ransomware families used in attacks surpassed 50, with Microsoft security teams tracking each and every one of them.

Cyber attacks work because CISOs don’t do basic security: Microsoft

Microsoft exec tells the CISO Forum Canada conference failure to do cybersecurity basics is why cyber crime pays

Google to add Microsoft 365 integration to ChromeOS

Google has announced that it will integrate Microsoft 365 into ChromeOS later this year, making it easier for users to install the app and open files.

Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI ask court to dismiss AI copyright lawsuit

Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI have asked a court to dismiss a proposed class action lawsuit accusing them of stealing licensed code to create GitHub’s AI-powered Copilot tool.

Hashtag Trending January 30- Big Tech face pressure over AI; Intel’s devastating earnings call; American computer chips for China’s nuclear weapons

Big Tech forced to react and ignore safety as ChatGPT gains foothold, Intel reports historically bleak earnings and China’s top nuclear weapons uses American...

Microsoft makes available solution for unresponsive start menu

Microsoft has provided a workable solution for Windows 10 and 11 users who have noticed their Start menu has become unresponsive and that some applications will not open or work properly.

Microsoft recovers services after major outage

Microsoft said it had retrieved all of its cloud services after a networking outage took down its cloud platform Azure for more than four hours, as well as services used by millions around the world such as Teams and Outlook. The issues began around 0705 UTC on January 25 and involved network connectivity issues for […]

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