Articles Related to operating systems

Microsoft granted license to sell to Huawei by U.S. government

Huawei and Microsoft can once again do business together.

Windows 10 upgrade help is here, but enterprises may need a use case for universal apps

IT departments are always slower to start the expensive migration to a new OS, and while Windows 7 does have a looming expiry date, Windows 10 adoption will take time

4 things Windows 10 needs to get right

It's going to be a tough balancing act for Windows 10

Microsoft prepares five critical Windows patches

This is the longist list of security bulletins from the company in recent years

New Android OS will have encryption turned on by default

Function will be enabled automatically to improve security. Or will it?

Windows 9 rumors increase

The next version of the operating system could merge WinPhone and Windows RT for ARM platforms

Why IT needs to prepare for an environment with fewer Windows

You may not think about it, but Windows isn't as widespread as it used to be

Amazon wants to set the smartphone market on Fire

Handset includes four cameras in the corners to sense where the user is to adjust perspective of menus

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