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Researchers discover 300 predatory loan apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Lookout researchers discovered approximately 300 mobile loan applications on Google Play and the Apple App Store that exhibit predatory behavior such as exfiltrating excessive user data from mobile devices and harassing borrowers for repayment after previously promising quick loans at reasonable rates.

Hashtag Trending Nov. 30 -AWS ML software; Apple threatens Elon Musk; YouTube and Google misinformation grant

AWS successfully ran a suite of AWS compute and machine learning software on an orbiting satellite, Apple threatens Elon Musk, and Google and YouTube...

Hashtag Trending Nov.23 – Video chat for Twitter 2.0; Amazon Alexa set to lose $10 billion; Alphabet looks to wipe out 10,000 poor performing...

Elon Musk says he wants video chat, voice calls and encrypted DMs for Twitter 2.0, Amazon Alexa on pace to lose $10 billion this...

YARA rules released to detect threat actors’ use of Cobalt Strike

For years hackers have used cracked versions of the Cobalt Strike attack emulation tool to help their work. Now defenders can more easily detect unauthorized use of the tool

New Royal ransomware uses Google ads for malvertising

Microsoft Security Threat Intelligence has identified a developing threat activity cluster by DEV-0569 that distributes various payloads, including the recently discovered Royal ransomware, via Google Ads. DEV-0569 conducts malvertising campaigns to disseminate links to a signed malware downloader disguised as software installers or fake updates embedded in spam messages, fake forum pages, and blog comments. […]

Hashtag Trending Nov. 21 – Tesla recall; Twitter could crash; New Google Maps features

Tesla recalls over 300,000 vehicles, could this be the end of Twitter? And new Google Maps features allow users to find EV chargers and...

TCI Fund urges Google to cut costs and freeze hiring

Alphabet needs to act quickly to reduce personnel and payroll costs, present a clear action plan to investors, reduce losses at its self-driving unit Waymo, adapt to a slower growth environment, and run its business more efficiently, TCI Fund Management wrote in a letter to CEO Sundar Pichai.

Hashtag Trending Nov.17-Taylor Swift crashes Ticketmaster; FTX owes a million people; Google awards security researcher

Demand for Taylor Swift tickets overwhelms Ticketmaster, FTX owes more than a million people money, and Google awards researchers for finding a bug in...

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