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Competition Bureau obtains court order to further investigation into Google’s ad practices

The Competition Bureau has announced that it has expanded its investigation into Google’s online ad practices. This is the first major update to the investigation...

Google’s internal AI model drives programming productivity

Google has introduced an internal large language model named Goose, aimed at enhancing employee productivity by leveraging the company’s extensive engineering expertise.

Google’s machine learning algorithm removes 170 million fake reviews

In a significant crackdown on fraudulent online activity, Google has removed over 170 million fake reviews from Maps and Search in 2023, thanks to the deployment of a new machine learning algorithm.

Google warns that Gemini conversations are not private

Google’s latest Gemini privacy notice serves as a stark reminder of the potential privacy risks associated with AI applications. The tech giant explicitly warns users against sharing personal information with its Gemini app, formerly known as Bard, highlighting the type of data it collects during interactions. This development underscores the delicate balance between technological convenience […]

Google launches Bard GenAI in Canada, rebrands it to Gemini

Google today announced that its generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) chatbot, Bard, is now available to Canadians, in both English and French. At the same...

Google release fix for Pixel bug but requires developer level skills and tools to execute

Google has released a fix for a major storage bug affecting Pixel phones, which was reportedly caused by the January 2024 Google Play system update.

Google announces Gemini Pro in Bard and competition with OpenAI heats up

Google has announced the global release of Gemini Pro in Bard, which will be available in over 40 languages and 230 countries.

Google’s huge cuts to “quality raters” could affect SEO ratings

Google has made a significant move by canceling a major contract with Appen, an Australian data services company.

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