Source: Yevheniia Hordieieva | Getty Images

Working too much is a thing, especially when working from home can distort your sense of time. Timed breaks are crucial to prevent burn out, but did you know that you can relax wrong, too?

According to Fast Company, the type of break you take is as important as when and how often you take them. The winter air may be chilly, but do try to get some fresh air when you can: go out for a walk, stand outside. Fast Company said that even if you have looming deadlines, removing yourself from your desk will improve your ability to work.

For when you’ve got too much on your plate, describing your daily workload to someone can alleviate some of that stress. Chat with a family member, a friend, cor coworker, or anyone who’s willing to lend a helpful ear. But remember to reciprocate in kind!

Whatever you do, however, Fast Company recommends against checking your emails on your break. It can be tempting to see what the latest notification was in between your daily workload, but that’s the cognitive equivalent of taking shots of whiskey while your work. It will be difficult to align your attention back to your normal flow once your break ends.