Taking notes on an online meeting
Source: chee gin tan | Getty Images

Whether you’re chatting with your team or taking on an important interview, looking good has always been a priority. Now that online interaction has replaced in-person ones, clean, pressed professional attires need to be complemented with a proper camera set up to accentuate your glamour. Here are 10 tips on how you can do that in the best possible way!

  1. Ensure proper lighting: The placement of the light source and getting the right lighting is key. It is best to put your lighting, be it a window or an artificial light, in front of you so that your face is properly lit. 
  2. Check your audio: It’s always good to use a microphone closer to your face. A decent pair of headphones or earbuds equipped with a mic work fine. 
  3. Position yourself well: Position yourself so that you can be seen clearly from the shoulders to the head, or from the waist to the head. Do not be too close or too far. 
  4. Make sure the camera is at your eye level: Make a connection with the people you are communicating with through videoconferencing by ensuring that your webcam is at an eye level. This way, you will be able to meet their eyes and have a better conversation. 
  5. Make sure to keep the background uncomplicated: Keep your environment as clutter-free as possible so that it is you who is the focus of the conversation. 
  6. No makeup is ok, too: Stop worrying about makeup if you don’t normally wear it. Just focus on having a good conversation. 
  7. Wear neutral colours: Although most clothing is fine, avoiding pinstripes and checks will avoid distraction. Also, try not to wear deep black or bright white clothing. Go with neutral colours. 
  8. Sit in a comfortable chair: Make sure the chair you are sitting in is comfortable enough so you are not fidgeting around while talking. 
  9. Practice in order to be prepared: Practice first by setting up your lighting, audio and camera and taking a screenshot. You can even call a friend to find out how everything looks and make necessary adjustments. Also, use a hardline internet connection when possible if your office Wi-Fi connection is wonky or slow. 
  10. Be yourself: Analyze everything at the end and fix whatever you think is not right. But, the most important thing when you’re on a video call, according to Terence Taylor – an independent video writer and producer, is to “be yourself — that way, you’ll present the best view of yourself that you can.”