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Why too much work from home could be bad for your career – Forbes

Remote work may be slowing your career growth.

Working from home is causing breakdowns. Ignoring the problem and blaming the pandemic is no longer an option – Globe and Mail

The remote workforce is spared of both mass layoffs and the high risk associated with essential roles. Its flexibility is the envy of many....

3 ways to make friends remotely – Harvard Business Review

Researchers describe three ways to overcome significant barriers to developing friendships while working remotely.

Why in-person workers may be more likely to get promoted – BBC

Working from home is a blessing for those with travelling disabilities or single parents. It’s also boosted productivity for employees who prefer a personalized,...

The great divide: business leaders are split on long-term remote working. This is what Spotify, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, and others have announced – Insider

Although the world has adopted remote work for nearly a year now, its long-term viability is still hotly debated. While it cuts down on...

Deleting emails and switching to LED lights: Small ways to reduce carbon footprint from home – Global News

While leaving the office behind cuts down on vehicle emissions, remote work can tangibly increase carbon emissions, as discovered by Purdue University, Yale University...

3 tenets of a strong remote culture – Harvard Business Review

In our last curation, Hailley Griffis talked about what applicants should look for during the job interview to gauge a company's remote culture. We...

How do you know if a company has a good remote work culture? – Built In

Today job applicants can only rely on the interviewer's words and Glassdoor ratings. Without a chance to personally examine the workplace, how can one be sure that the company has an upstanding remote culture?

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