Microsoft announced that it is working with Amazon and Intel to deliver a first test build of the Windows subsystem for Android. It is currently only available to Beta Channel testers in the U.S. on eligible devices with Intel, AMD and Qualcomm processors.

The short guide instructs developers on how to set up their development environment, install the Amazon Appstore, and handle input compatibility considerations for Windows devices such as keyboards, mice, and window management.

Only apps that are in the Amazon Appstore will work with the upcoming Windows subsystem for Android, which means that the initial number and types of Android apps that can run on Windows 11 will be limited.

The subsystem is designed so that the curated list of Android apps and games can be run side by side with the Snap Layouts feature, which is pinned to the Start menu or taskbar and/or integrated into Alt+ Tab and Task View. Notifications from the Android apps are displayed in the Action Center and can be shared between a Windows app and an Android app via a clipboard.

The Windows subsystem for Android will be an app available from the Microsoft Store. The Android subsystem app will run in a virtual Hyper-V machine, similar to the Windows subsystem for Linux.