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iPhone is number one in sales for the first time

2023 marked a significant shift in the smartphone arena, with Apple seizing the throne for the first time ever.

GM to phase out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

General Motors (GM) has announced its decision to phase out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from its new electric vehicles (EVs) and future products, a move that initially baffled both new and used car buyers.

Apple embraces RCS messaging standard but retains green bubbles for Android text

Apple announces plans to support the Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging standard in 2024, aiming to improve cross-platform texting while maintaining the iconic green bubble for Android messages.

New Russian Android malware targets Ukraine’s military devices: Report

Russia's Sandworm attack group has created a new toolkit for compromising Android devices, says a report released today by the Five Eyes intelligence co-operative...

Communikit platform helps launch apps for Indigenous communities in Canada

Through the Communikit SaaS mobile app service, the leadership of Lucky Man Cree Nation and The Blackfoot Nation of Kainai (also known as the...

Hashtag Trending Nov. 21 – Tesla recall; Twitter could crash; New Google Maps features

Tesla recalls over 300,000 vehicles, could this be the end of Twitter? And new Google Maps features allow users to find EV chargers and...

Hashtag Trending Nov.17-Taylor Swift crashes Ticketmaster; FTX owes a million people; Google awards security researcher

Demand for Taylor Swift tickets overwhelms Ticketmaster, FTX owes more than a million people money, and Google awards researchers for finding a bug in...

Android 14 to enable smartphones connect directly to satellites

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s senior vice president of platforms and ecosystems, has hinted at the possibility that the next version of Android could connect directly to satellites.

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