Microsoft is rolling out a suite of identity and access products called “Microsoft Entra.”

Entra is designed to provide identity and access management, cloud infrastructure management and identity verification.

It will include all Microsoft identity and access products such as Azure Active Directory, Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) and Decentralized Identity.

Entra will work on-premises, across Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and across Microsoft, as well as through third-party apps, websites and devices.

For interested customers, Microsoft also allows them to pay per user per month for Azure AD, per active user per month for external identities and per resource for permissions.

According to Alex Simons, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of PM, Identity and Network Access, identity must be at the heart of zero trust, distribution and cloud projects.

It is not enough for identity to be used to check people, as it can also be used for devices, IoT and the entire virtual supply chain.

Simons explained that Microsoft chose the name “Entra” because “it indicates an entry-way to new world of doing business.”