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Hashtag Trending Feb.21- LockBit website goes down; Microsoft takes on Nvidia; Online backlash against OpenAI

An international effort has brought down the notorious LockBit ransomware gang, Microsoft has developed its own tech to replace Nvidia and a huge backlash...

Microsoft develops its own chip and network card as cheeper and faster alternative to Nvidia

Microsoft is reportedly developing its own AI server gear, including a new network card, to enhance the performance of its Maia AI server chip and reduce dependence on Nvidia’s hardware.

Is quantum computing reaching commercial viability?

Recent advances in quantum computing will lead to commercial viability soon. Given the dollars, talent, number of companies, and interest of various governments, the...

Microsoft reignites aggressive push to convert users to Windows 11

In a move reminiscent of past tactics, Microsoft has reignited its push for Windows 10 users to upgrade to Windows 11 with a series of intrusive, full-screen popups.

Hashtag Trending Jan.31- Ransomware payments declining? ChatGPT leaking chat histories; UK law may ban Apple from issuing security updates worldwide

  Hey out there. Someone wrote me yesterday to tell me that they had tried to pass on how to subscribe, but it was difficult...

Microsoft ‘s “New Future of Work” report has mixed results for AI

Microsoft’s latest report, “New Future of Work,” delves into the complex relationship between AI and workplace productivity, acknowledging both the benefits and drawbacks of AI integration in professional settings.

Hashtag Trending Jan.29- LLMs learn to hide dishonest behaviour; Tech layoffs a strategic move? 90 per cent of spreadsheets have errors

AI models can learn to hide their dishonest behaviour, Open AI is making it easy for anyone to call multiple GPTs from a single...

FTC investigates AI oligopolies; calls on Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon to disclose investments in startups

Yesterday, following a half day summit hosted by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that convened experts to examine the key players and the...

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