In the U.S., 65% of IT help desk teams report suffering from stress and burnout. 95% of organizations also experienced problems in their support activities in connection with the Great Resignation or possibly a lack of available talent.

More than four in ten Gen Zs (46%) and Millennials (45%) surveyed claimed to feel burned out by the intensity and demands of their work environment.

44% of Gen Zs and 43% of Millennials report that many people have recently left their organizations due to their workload. Gen Zs and Millennials who have changed organizations in the past two years cite burnout as one of the three main reasons to leave their employers.

The biggest challenges in supporting remote and hybrid workers include IT support for remote workers (44%); technology consistency to employees across remote and on-site (37%); security of home network (36%); and security of personal devices (33%).

Others include securing remote access to data, application and/or content (31%); internet connectivity (29%); support for personal devices (24%); visibility into IT assets (23%); and unified endpoint management (12%).