Google CEO Sundar Pichai enters the stage at Google I/O 2019. Image source: YouTube screen cap.

Sure, Google isn’t the only that’s made this kind of announcement – but when you look at how many employers this impacts, the announcement carries a bit more weight.

The tech giant’s announcement earlier this week impacts more than 200,000 workers, 1,500 of which work in Canada.

The article says that Pichai made the decision after internal debates and conversations and that he “recognized and empathized with the dilemma facing working families, particularly those with young children that may need help with homeschooling.”

Back in May, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, informed his employees that they can continue working from home “forever.”

Recent data suggests enterprises’ renewed focus to improve employee productivity is widespread. Boomi research says today’s transformation efforts are focused primarily on customer experience (54 per cent) and employee productivity (50 per cent).

Some Canadian organizations are so confident about their early success with remote work that they’ve completely abandoned the idea of returning to physical office space after the pandemic. Waterloo, Ont.-based OpenText said productivity has mostly remained unchanged during the pandemic, and remote work has gone so well that it’s considering closing half its offices after the COVID-19 pandemic. Cameron Dow, president of SAS Canada, suggests enterprises pump the brakes just a little.