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With many companies announcing that they’ll be allowing employees to work from home, some employees are still trying to find the best home office setup. Although everyone’s need differs, Forbes has picked out a few fundamental tips that can benefit everyone.

1. Get a really powerful laptop: Investing in a speedy laptop with a good display and comfortable keyboard not only saves time, but also reduces eye strain and increases typing comfort.

2. Find a second workplace to escape the monotony: According to John Brendan who covers social media trends and has worked from home for many years, one key for success while working from home is to actually leave the home once in a while. However, now that most coffee shops and patio areas are closed, Brendan has selected a remote campground to rejuvenate his thought process.

3. Use apps to remind you not to work: Yep, you read that right. Reminding yourself to take breaks will help stay aware of your computer usage. Mindfulness apps help you stay focused while you work and break you out of a work mode using reminders and prompts. Experts say intentional scheduling is the best way to avoid working too many hours at home. Also, do not forget to stand up once in a while.

4. Change your task lighting: Lighting impacts your mood while you work. Use lights you can easily adjust the colour and intensity of to be able to work smoothly.

5. Maintain a healthy diet: It’s tempting to choose sugary foods and snacks as a way to motivate you and build energy while working from home. But, it doesn’t work. Have healthy and filling meals for better productivity.

6. Use a personal whiteboard: This will help you brainstorm ideas.