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Australian territory mandates open source consideration

The Australian Capital Territory has become the first Australian jurisdiction to mandate the consideration of open source software for government entities after a bill proposed by ACT Democrats leader Roslyn Dundas was passed into law overnight.

IEEE: Chinese security standard could fracture Wi-Fi

The implementation of a Chinese security standard for wireless networking could undermine efforts to develop a global standard for wireless LANs (WLANs) and drive up the cost of networking equipment for end users, warned a senior executive at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE) in a recent letter to Chinese government officials.

U.K. begins $4.7B electronic patient records project

Britain's National Health Service (NHS) awarded almost US$5 billion in contracts to develop lifelong electronic health records for 50 million patients in its systems linked to 30,000 doctors and 270 health care providers in England.

Miami cops track crooks with Web services

Bad guys had better think twice before driving through Miami-Dade County. Police officers there will soon have a powerful weapon in their arsenal with which to identify fugitives. A Web services initiative will provide Miami-Dade officers immediate access to the county's criminal database as well as to those administered by the state and the FBI.

Preparatory talks clear way for Internet summit

Government negotiators from nearly 200 countries narrowed their differences on how to manage the Internet and protect freedom of expression online in an important round of preparatory talks over the weekend in Geneva, but failed to agree on how to fund the Internet's expansion in developing countries.

Confusion continues over U.K. data retention laws

The U.K. government passed controversial communications surveillance laws last month, after a close-run debate in the House of Lords. These new laws will have a powerful impact on Internet service providers (ISPs ) and their U.K. customers. However, companies are not clear on how the law must be followed, ISPs and industry bodies say.

Gov’t goes it alone on security reporting scheme

In its latest move to protect critical infrastructure, the Australian federal government yesterday launched a secure Web site to report information security attacks, but the initiative has raised the ire of Australia's Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCert) which has spent the last two years establishing a national reporting and alert system with a broad membership base.

South African gov’t approves Convergence Bill

The South African Department of Communications (DOC) this week announced that the cabinet has approved the Convergence Bill.

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