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GM to move away from IT outsourcing

Carmaker plans to bring much of IT back in-house, which could cost EDS, IBM, Wipro and Capgemini a lot of revenue

Quick tips for easier business trips

IT managers and CIOs are often on the road at conferences and colocation sites, but getting from here to there isn't always pleasant. Keep these ideas in mind

13 common ERP mistakes and how to avoid them

While a successful ERP implementation can help your organization streamline workflow and cut costs, a poorly planned and implemented ERP rollout can severely cost organizations

Survey: More to IT than building and running systems

Traditionally, IT departments have focused on doing two things well: building applications and running IT operations. More recently, their deliverable has shifted from isolated applications to enterprise platforms

Two ways to build a better IT strategy

After driving great improvements in IT efficiency, a Fortune 500 company is now ready to treat data as a true corporate asset and grow beyond its tactical approach to technology. A pair of CIO veterans offer their advice

When downsizing goes too far

Customer service is now declining and IT can't add new functions. When the CEO says, "Fix this ASAP!" what should this lone CIO do?rn

Hey CIOs, your proteges want better experience

You need the opportunities to grow but you also need to be successful at the opportunities. It only takes one failure to destroy a lifetime of growth, according to experts. Learn more about a recent CIO survey

Personal branding tactics that scream ‘Hire me!’

Zeroing in on your unique personal brand and communicating it consistently and effectively in your job search is a surefire strategy for attracting employers' attention

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