Faun Rice

Faun Rice is a Senior Research and Policy Analyst at the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). Faun is a social scientist with previous experience in audience/visitor experience museum research and endangered language revitalization. With ICTC, Faun brings her perennial interest in human social organization to bear on the impact of emerging technologies on the labour market, human wellbeing, and urban and rural life in Canada. Faun holds an MA in Anthropology and a BA with Distinction in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Alberta. Throughout her career, Faun has built a passion for high-quality, interdisciplinary research, disseminated in a way that maximizes accessibility and impact

Articles by Faun Rice

Designing durable values: a conversation with Mat Mytka on the ethical intent to action gap in tech

A conversation on operationalizing data ethics principles, the challenges facing small and medium sized enterprises, and a pilot of a new corporate structure to reduce the conflicts of interest in responsible innovation work. 

Meaningful engagement for technology in the public sphere

We tackle a key question for tech policy: how feasible is it to conduct public engagement on complex, specialized topics?

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