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Suddenly working from home and need a solution that works? Here are some options

Looking for the right solution to help workers work from home? We broke down some of the most popular options

Hashtag Trending – Unlimited sick days for Amazon workers; Twitter forcing employees to work from home; U.S. bill threatens privacy

Amazon announces unlimited sick days for its workers, Twitter asks its employees to work from home, and a new U.S. bill aimed at protecting children might actually cause serious harm to free speech online.

New head of LG AI lab wants your home appliances to get smarter

LG Electronics Canada has appointed a new head to the LG Artificial Intelligence Lab in Toronto. Darin Graham, the company's new director of R&D...

Leveraging technology to manage healthcare at home

As a member of the University Health Network, The HomeLab is positioned well for involvement in the research, integration and implementation of multiple assistive care technologies.

Are you ready for the work revolution now underway?

The idea of a flexible and agile office was something business leaders used to see happening in the future — “down the road.” In...

Safely enabling remote employee productivity

Technology is about progress, and in that progress, opportunity. Organizations that are willing and able to embrace and exploit new technologies, particularly their disruptive...

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Succeeding in the post-COVID world of work

A chief information officer (CIO) can lead their organization as it changes to succeed in the revised post-COVID world of work. The most significant...


No slowdown in sight for dynamic tech hub in Mississauga

Did you know that Mississauga is home to nearly 1,000 IT companies? Not many do. Perfectly situated between Toronto and Waterloo in Canada’s Innovation...

Electronic recycler provides secure way to be part of solution

Your help is urgently needed. The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) – a not-for-profit that reduces the environmental impact of discarded electronic waste by offering...

New tools for a new workplace

There are many questions as companies try to get back to business as usual, and many ambiguities about how best to proceed. One thing,...

Plays well with others

Video collaboration platforms bridged a chasm in the early days of COVID-19 and remain a prime point of connection for businesses of all sizes....