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Hashtag Trending, Feb. 23 , 2021 – Apple Mac malware; Trudeau and Biden meet virtually; YouTube blocks chess

Researchers discover 30,000 Apple Macs have been infected with mysterious malware, Trudeau and Biden are set to meet virtually today, and we find out why Youtube has been blocking chess videos. 

Let’s Encrypt upgrades infrastructure, can now issue 200 million certificates in a day

Digital certificate issuer Let's Encrypt has announced that it has upgraded its infrastructure to allow it to issue 200 million certificates in one day.

Canadian vehicle rental service hit by ransomware

One of Canada's biggest car and truck rental agencies is trying to recover after being hit by a ransomware attack, while a B.C. real estate company says a January attack led to ransomware

Cyber Security Today – Don’t be blue on Valentine’s Day, SIM-swapping gang broken, US can search devices without a warrant at the border

Beware of romance scams, a SIM-swapping gang broken, US can search devices without a warrant at its borders, how big tech companies were fooled and more

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi: Using tech to ‘make people’s lives better’ every day

Speaking at Technicity West, a digital conference that brought together some of the brightest technology leaders in Western Canada on February 9, 2021, Mayor Nenshi reminded his audience just how quickly COVID-19 overturned our world.

Taking advantage of data in a changing economy: Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is using data to determine how much greenhouse gas it avoids emitting by having staff work remotely every day.

The fight against cybercriminals needs talent – and that starts with you

[Sponsored] It’s been almost a year since the world changed. With each passing month, it becomes clear just how significant that change really was for IT teams. The good news is that there are more easy training options available now than ever before, and Fortinet has taken a leadership role here.

Hashtag Trending – GameStop goes to the moon; Samsung heads to Texas; Google forced to follow new rules

The GameStop saga continues, Samsung is reportedly heading to Texas, and Apple will require Google to get permission before collecting personalized ad data on iOS users.

2020’s who’s who in U.S. patents: IBM still No. 1

In 2020, for the 28th consecutive year, IBM was granted the most U.S. patents: 9,130, to be exact, light years ahead of number two Samsung Electronics' 6,415 (though Samsung Display, ranked number sixteen, scored an additional 1,902).

Cyber Security Today – Executives targeted with Office365 scam, update Unix and Linux systems, phone numbers stolen from Facebook and advice for Data Privacy...

Today's podcast reports on a scam aimed at getting executives' passwords, advice for Data Privacy Day and more

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