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Conference: Connecting AI Innovation to Opportunity

As recently as 2001, with the Steven Spielberg film "AI," artificial intelligence was largely seen as "left field" science: interesting and not without potential,...

This just in: the government of Canada now has an eDeclaration app

Canadian business travellers frustrated by the ritual of fumbling for a pen to fill out their declaration cards one hour before their plane lands might be surprised to learn they have a paperless option.

Adobe believes AI can improve creative work too

AI is powering new features in Adobe's Creative Cloud like font recognition, and could soon be doing some basic photo editing too.

Meet Sun Life Financial’s new senior VP of digital transformation

Stevan Lewis says that in his new role, he'll no longer be looking in the rear-view mirror at problems, but straight ahead through the windshield instead.

Inaugural Startup World Cup will crown its first Canadian winner at this week’s CIX

Twenty of Canada's most innovative startups are getting a boost this year from the World Cup of venture capital - literally. The inaugural Startup World...

New Brunswick leading the way towards digital literacy and cyber security in Canada

New Brunswick may be one of Canada’s smallest provinces, both by population and by land mass, but it’s taking giant steps toward digital transformation that puts it ahead of the pack. With new and innovative technologies like IoT and the cloud taking the world by storm, and significantly enhancing cyber threats along the way, the province has placed a special importance on increasing digital literacy within its borders.

Updated story: Short list for $950 million supercluster initiative revealed

According to the government shortlist, many ICT-slanted supercluster bids didn't make the cut.

Digital transformation: How change enables innovation

Much to the horror of digital laggards everywhere, the age of digital transformation (DX) is not only here — it is here in a...

Vancouver’s chief technology officer keeping the city ahead of the digital curve

Digital transformation is crucial for any organization's survival in this day and age, and when thinking of technologically advanced industries, government would not be the first to come to mind. But Vancouver's chief technology officer Jessie Adcock is trying to erase the notion that public institutions can’t be innovative.

The CIO joins the executive ranks as innovation leader

The CIO has arrived at the executive table by realizing that digital transformation moves at the speed of security, culture and leadership, not at the speed of technology.

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Investing in your network infrastructure: The key to ensuring future growth for Canadian companies?

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