Lots to like in Windows Server Blue beta


Enhancement’s to Windows Server Blue, the beta version of Windows Server 2012 R2 which Microsoft Corp. plans to release later this year, focus on storage, virtualization and management capabilities.

With Server 2012 R2, Microsoft plans to come up with an operating systems platform that enables administrators to manage entire data centres as they would individual computers. The platform will allow applications and task running on the data centres to be moved seamlessly between data centres, according to a report from Computerworld.com.
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Microsoft has made available Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server. This places the management portal and capabilities of the Windows Azure cloud service in an installable package on top of Windows Server 2012 R2.

Microsoft also makes some compelling improvements in its Hyper-V virtualization platform. Most virtualization products emulate legacy hardware for compatibility but end up losing efficiency and performance.

The company’s Generation 2 VMs do not have legacy components. No devices need to be emulated and the virtual machine can be based on the newer Unified Extensible Firmware Interface rather than the old BIOS.

The upgrade allows remote desktops to function even when a VM is not connected to the network.

Find out more about the Windows Server Blue beta, click here



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