Hummingbird Genio Miner

Published: September 17th, 2000

Hummingbird Ltd. has announced the release of Genio Miner designed for business critical data mining needs including customer relationship management, fraud detection and credit risk scoring. Hummingbird’s Genio Miner integrates data acquisition and cleansing with algorithmic models. According to Hummingbird, the architecture provides more precise results by improving the quality of the source data and allows access from different sources including flat files and direct database connections. The extracted information is used to create decision trees, predictive models or used to cluster and score data using a highly graphical and intuitive interface. Model deployment can be distributed between desktop and back-end for enterprise strength data mining. Genio Miner is part of Hummingbird’s end-to-end data warehousing solution, which includes Genio Suite, the data integration solution and BI/Suite, the enterprise query and reporting solution. Models can be deployed on both the desktop and back-end servers improving through-put for powerful data mining at the enterprise level. The list price for Genio Miner is US$95,000 and includes Genio engine, designer, work bench, and the connectivities included. Hummingbird, of Toronto can be found at

Prices listed are in US currency.

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