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CA has announced 17 new and updated standardized services as part of its portfolio of implementation services. According to IDC, complex software deployments are best left to a third party

City of San Diego virtualizes against server sprawl

The City of San Diego boasts a 55 per cent virtualized IT environment, with plans to take out another 100 physical machines from the data centre by 2010. The hardware cost differential post-virtualization

Don’t overhype WiMAX speeds, analyst warns operators

Pyramid Research found some carriers avoid promoting data speeds in order to avoid a backlash. Find out where the technology will be popular

Internet in a box — a Blackbox, that is

Non-profit organization Internet Archive now houses its digital library of the Web in a shipping container that sits outside. Why Internet Archive is the prime candidate for a modular data centre approach

Cyber criminals breach US electrical grid

Intrusions by cyber spies from China, Russia and elsewhere are pervasive, according to government officials

No business case for IPv6, survey finds

Internet Protocol version 4 only supports 4.3 billion addresses while version 6 supports 2 to the power of 128. Despite this, only a handful of organizations are actually deploying IPv6

Support application gives providers revenue opportunities

SupportSoft's re-named Dynamic Agent helps take a load off help desks. It also gives providers the chance to make pitches to customers

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