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Canadian PC firms push refresh cycles

Upgrade timelines may be the "sacred cow" of the industry, but with the Acer-Gateway deal driving increased market consolidation, local companies are reevaluating their service strategies

IBM buys WebDialog, expands SameTime lineup

IBM shook up its Web conferencing strategy adding a hosted option by acquiring WebDialogs and expanding its on-premise presence and conferencing platform Sametime.

Banks slow to embrace mobile commerce

Imagine waving your New York subway pass in front of the cash register at a 7-Eleven convenience store to buy a sandwich. Or paying for items you found while surfing the Web on your cell phone by sending a text message. Such futuristic exercises in the U.S. are already a reality in many Asian and European countries.

Connecting civic services a snap with GIS

The town of Whitby recently implemented a geographic information system (GIS)-based customer relationship management (CRM) system to integrate the array of municipal services it offers its citizens.

Oracle releases overdue Collaboration Suite update

Oracle Corp. has finally shipped the newest version of its Oracle Collaboration Suite, two years after the software's last major update and more than a year after its intended release date.

Revived i2 to help users stick to their plans

Executives from the Dallas-based company also outlined vision for what they called the closed-loop supply chain, a combination of technology and processes that allow customers to cut costs, boost supply chain efficiency and help them resolve glitches with on-the-fly workarounds.

Microsoft seeks stronger XML ties

Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft seeks stronger XML ties

Microsoft Corp.'s forthcoming Office 2003 suite offers enterprises a promise few vendors or analysts are willing to support.

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