Cloud hasn’t shrunk IT job market

As cloud computing began to gain momentum, so did the whispers in the IT department about job security. With all that hardware, all those applications, all that data moved out of the data centre, where did it leave the IT professional?
Apparently, according to a Deloitte report cited by the Wall Street Journal, the complexity of cloud computing is driving demand for new skills, and IT professionals are being ushered into business management roles.
Deloitte studied three U.S. enterprises that shifted to the cloud and found that only two IT jobs had been lsot because of it. At the University of California at San Francisco, coders became developers and analysts; at Aricent Group, some IT staff became business analysts and architects; and at Enterasys, IT staff are spending more time with business users, teaching them how to make the most of the cloud technology.
Read more on Joe McKendrick’s blog on the Forbes Web site.


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