Mobile malware threats increasing

It was inevitable and few smart phone users want to acknowledge it, but those wonderful, pocketable devices we rely on are increasingly attracting malware.
According to this report on a panel discussion at a trade show, there is no doubt that the sharp rise in malware seen on the wired Internet is being mirrored on smart phones.
It isn’t at the same level, but with every analyst in the world predicting that in the near future mobile devices will overwhelm desktop PCs, it’s expected that malware creators are eyeing the wirelesss world.
At the conference the CTIA, which represents major wireless industry vendors, released a survey showing that 85 per cent of respondents know their mobile devices are very or somewhat vulnerable. However, they are more likely to protect against a tangible threat — like having a device stolen — than against malware.
When asked what would prompt them to add a password or install anti-virus software to a mobile device, 35 per cent said having a friend or family member suffering a security break; 33 per cent said an app that reminds them to update anti-malware software or to change the PIN; 32 per cent said a tutorial that prompts them; 27 percent said a friend’s advice; 26 per cent said advice from a device or network provider; and 23 per cent cited news stories that explains the benefits.


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