CIOs big winners in 2013 salary survey


Salaries in the information technology field are expected to grow only slightly in 2013 however CIOs in large and mid-sized firms are expected to benefit substantially, according to a recent North American survey.

Salaries for IT professionals went up by 1.98 per cent in the last 12 months, according to findings in the 2013 Salary Survey released by Janco Associates Inc. a management consultancy firm based in Utah.
CIOs in large companies can look forward not only to a 1.61 per cent salary increase but also an additional month in tenure bumping up the typical four years and two months tenure to four years and three months.

CIOs in mid-size companies can expect a salary increase of up to 2.39 per cent.

The survey involved 249 large companies and 785 mid-sized companies in North America.

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