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U.S. tech workers earn 46% more than Canadians: report

A new report by the Dais at Toronto Metropolitan University reveals a significant wage gap between tech workers in the United States and Canada....

Money talks when it comes to attracting, retaining IT talent: Gartner

Lily Mok, vice president, analyst at Gartner, says there are three ways chief information officers (CIOs) can attract and retain IT talent in 2022...

Switzerland Tops List Of The Highest Average Salaries For Cloud Tech Jobs

Switzerland topped the list of countries with the highest average salary for cloud tech jobs, at $133,326, with the United States in second place with an average of $114,772 and Australia in third place with $102,423.

Report reveals Canadian software developers dissatisfied with current salary

More than half of software developers in Canada are dissatisfied with their current base salary, according to a report by remote-first developer company Commit. 

Chances are, Toronto’s new tech workers feel underpaid

New reports indicate Toronto created more new tech jobs than Silicon Valley, but chances are those workers feel underpaid.

Top 11 IT certifications that pay the big bucks in 2018

IT professionals are in high demand by employers, but certain certifications will command a higher salary than others. We reveal the top 11 categories of IT certifications in North America.

Here are the highest-paying tech jobs in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver aren't just Canada's largest and well-known cities - they're its biggest tech hubs too. In fact, according to job search giant, they represent the locations of more than 50 per cent of Canada's tech opportunities - and with high demand comes high income.

App managers to see 14 per cent wage hike: Canadian survey

Recruiting company predicts four groups of IT workers will see double-digit average salary increases this year

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