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A Cautionary Shadow IT Tale

Some pundits view shadow IT as good because it’s an important source of innovation. Others express strong opinions that shadow IT is bad for most organizations. How should this scenario play out for the benefit of the organization?

Can CIOs create a service-defined enterprise?

How mature is your IT service management process?

What’s your IT management style?

This month's Computing Canada takes a deep dive into IT management styles

When to consider outsourcing your IT department

Here are some situations that signal the time to start outsourcing your IT department

CIOs stalling cloud adoption: Gartner

Leaders have been more protective of their existing infrastructure and, in many cases, have been the biggest obstacles to cloud-based solutions, according to Gartner

5 must read cloud stories for March 16

Nearly half of CIOs no longer view cloud as a top consideration

Debugging software means working smarter, not harder

Whether the bug is in your software or someone else’s, it pays to spot it early

Rise of CDO role still in early stages

Chief data officers are growing in importance as CIOs become overwhelmed by growing data management demands

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