Robert Cordray

Robert Cordray is a former business consultant and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience and a wide variety of knowledge in multiple areas of the industry. He currently resides in the Southern California area and spends his time helping consumers and business owners alike try to be successful.

Articles by Robert Cordray

How automation strengthens every industry

After delving into the benefits of today's most innovative achievement, this overview examines several corporate arenas that have witnessed a beneficial overhaul thanks to automation.

Why the cloud computing model is here to stay

When your financial statements, employee records, travel reservations and everything else that matters in your life is in the cloud, there's no longer any question that cloud computing is going to play a major role in the future of business and technology.

How video has evolved in the past five years

Video has evolved in the past five years and has expanded in various directions that were unheard of even a few years ago. Here are those directions

Cloud computing and government security considerations

Developing and implementing security considerations remains one of the most difficult tasks that government IT people face. Here are three examples of governments and organizations who have been processing security considerations with regards to a move into cloud computing

The next 5 years: possible trends in business software

The last 25 years saw tremendous change in software programs utilized by business. The next five years will witness some exciting new trend developments around cloud-based architecture, enhanced platform mobility, real time data analysis, improved fraud detection capabilities and greater niche functionality

Where to start and how to decide on a converged infrastructure solution

Unified infrastructure, converged node-based architecture, hyper-converged infrastructure -- it’s important for companies to not only know the difference between the various types of converged infrastructures, but to know what’s best for their organization

Six marketing tips every business owner should know in 2016

Change is a necessity. Some aspects of any business may stay the same, but marketing strategies will always fluctuate based on what the customer wants and how it's delivered to them through technology. These six marketing tips will allow you to stay informed going into 2016 about what can be expected and what changes need to be made.

Machine learning in the IT department

Computers have gone to the realms where at one time was considered to be a human domain. Enter machine learning: predicting outcomes, multiple conditions, and yielding value. Here are six benefits of machine learning techniques.

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