New Google Search Appliance released

Google Search Appliance 7.0 hit the streets on Oct. 16, offering improved enterprise functionality.  This ComputerWorld article notes that new features will include improved context around queries (suggesting related content) as well as

Published on: October 22nd, 2012 brian bloom

Data, data, everywhere

We're drowning in data. The problem is, not only is data growing by leaps and bounds, it's messier, less structured and harder to control. With more data than we can handle coming at

Published on: November 23rd, 2011 Vawn Himmelsbach

SAS introduces social media analytics to enterprises

Business analytics vendor SAS Institute Inc. unveiled a new tool called Social Media Analytics (SMA) at the SAS Global Forum in Seattle this week. The enterprise-level solution gathers both unstructured and structured data

Published on: April 14th, 2010 Jennifer Kavur

Coming soon to a Cineplex near you: SharePoint

Keeping track of unstructured data can be a real pain, but many businesses—including Cineplex Odeon Corp.—are using Microsoft Corp.'s SharePoint as an ad-hoc enterprise search solution to find what they need within the

Published on: November 17th, 2008 Briony Smith

Text mining tools dig info from unstructured corporate data

For Matthew Newton, text mining tools have the potential to connect the dots between unstructured information to get a better understanding of customer needs. Newton is the manager of consumer advocacy and quality

Published on: June 23rd, 2005 Ryan B. Patrick