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CanadianCIO adds a new focus on executive content. Increasingly, technology leadership requires new skills within the area of strategic sourcing.

This new editorial focus will raise the bar on such discussions and bring our audience the real information that they need to succeed facing the new challenges of our industry.

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ITAC CanadianCIO of the Year Award

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Nominations now being accepted for the 2016 Awards.

The ITAC CanadianCIO of the Year Award will be presented to outstanding Chief Information Officers (CIOs) demonstrating the qualities of:

  • Business and technological vision
  • Entrepreneurship
  • A capacity to drive enterprise transformation
  • A measurable operational strength that delivers shareholder or stakeholder value

Nominate a CIO CanadianCIO Hall of Fame

CanadianCIO Census 2016

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A CIOs day is filled with puzzles that need to be solved quickly and correctly. Is the security on the remote devices sufficient? Does the new system really enhance employee productivity? Is the competitor’s technology innovation something I should be trying to get the executive team to review?

These are the questions you’ll find answers to in the 2016 CIO Census. Thank you to those CIOs who completed the recent questionnaire. We are in the process of analysing the data and hope to share the findings with the community shortly. This is the only report in Canada that looks at what Canadian CIOs are seeing, thinking, and planning.

The 2016 edition will have global components that will allow for Canadian CIO’s to see how the challenges and opportunities they deal with are viewed in both the US and the UK.

Browse the 2015 report while the 2016 report is being developed.

CIO Innovation Summit 2015

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CIO Executive Roundtable Highlight Reports

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CanadianCIO Articles

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CanadianCIO Certified

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CanadianCIO CertifiedWhen you are searching for a whitepaper, few things are more frustrating than wasting time reading a blatant product pitch. CanadianCIO Certified documents eliminate the “fluff” by ensuring that each paper contains the all-important “Three R’s” – Relevant | Reliable | Reduced.

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Featured CanadianCIO Video Content

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CanadianCIO TV is an ongoing Web series where we talk across the entire C-suite to explore how executives can successfully move through each stage of a project cycle.

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This video series explores the opportunity provided by bringing together and leveraging these strategic technologies and provides practical, real world advice.

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Engage with CanadianCIO Community

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CanadianCIO Who’s Who

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Canada’s IT community

Canadian CIO Who’s Who is dedicated to profiling and celebrating the people and events in Canada’s IT community. We thought one of the best ways to do this was to profile those people who have been featured in our publications and events.

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